The last thing Jay Z wants to do is put out a pop/rap brick.

The cynics wrote Magna Carta Holy Grail off as a means to a Samsung-backed corporate synergy end, which is a trash opinion because it was clearly an attempt to re-assert himself in hip-hop’s new landscape, an arena that saw Drake take the (current) crown with Kendrick hot on his heels. Your mileage may vary with regards to how successful he was, but when Kendrick declares himself the “King of New York” and months later Hov is on Ross songs (for which he always reserves some of his best bars) replying “All these niggas claiming King, but I’m still that.” Call me a Stan but I have faith fam isn’t going to hit us with an album full of “Hollywoods” when he’s in the twilight of his career (at least as far as Long Players go) and a portion of the rap audience is already praising Drake while hitting Jay with “but, what have you done for me lately” attitudes.