Most expensive vodkas


Superior liquor can only be appreciated and valued by an experienced connoisseur. There is no single reason why the uber rich have a fascination for expensive liquor, sometime it’s because of the ingredients or taste and sometimes it’s just because of the cost of the bottle and the name of the producer. The same goes with vodka, generally it is colorless and tasteless with a higher percentage of alcohol than most other spirits. That is why the vodka lovers are ready to pay a fortune for it.

So, for the true and glorious-rich connoisseurs, we have compiled a list of the 11 most expensive vodkas known to mankind:

1. Russo-Baltique Vodka

Most expensive Vodka

Price: $1,452,064

Russia has always been known for serving marvelous vodkas, and one such bottle has been offered by the armored combat car maker Russo-Baltique in collaboration with Princess Regina Abdurazakova of Kazakhstan. This expensive vodka is bottled in an elite bottle in yellowish golden color. The first bottle of connoisseur creation was gifted to Prince Albert.

2. DIVA Premium Vodka

Most expensive Vodka

Price: $1 million

The DIVA premium, produced by the well-known Scottish-based Blackwood Distillers, happens to be one of the most expensive vodkas available around. What makes it ridiculously expensive is the content of the bottle, the drink is triple distilled and is made of natural spring water. The vodka is first ice-filtered, then filtered through Nordic birch charcoal and lastly passed through sand made from crushed diamonds and gems. The glass center bottle is filled with precious stones including diamonds and the range of the bottle depends on what stones are you choosing. The DIVA premium ranges in price from $3,700 and $1 million.

3. Russo-Baltique Vodka

Most expensive Vodka


Price: $740,000

Have you ever heard, buy a bottle of vodka and get a SUV for free? Yes, that is true if you are a lover of Russo-Baltique vodka (even if you are not) you will get a car called the Diamond or L4P Ladies Only, a Russian luxury SUV, that too for free. The bottle of vodka costs around $740,000 and come in a a 20-pound case made of solid gold.

4. Belver Bears

Most expensive Vodka

Price: $7,240

It is definitely not for kids, although the bottle is in a bear shape. This cute little bear shape bottle is a limited edition by Belvedere. Created from a shell, the backlit bottle can be hung. The bottles are are designed by Jean-Roch and are available at the VIP Room in Cannes, Saint Tropez and Paris.

5. OVAL Vodka Bottle

Most expensive Vodka

Price: $6,922

OVAl Vodka has taken the bling route; yes, the bottle is a Swarovski crystal studded bottle that looks absolutely stunning. The bottle is limited edition and is festooned with 7000 Swarovski crystals. The showcase of the bottle has to be a luxurious one hence it was displayed on “The Glorifier,” which is a rotating LCD display unit, highlighting the sparkling Swarovski crystals. The bottle is available only at the exclusive places like well-known night clubs and Embassy, Dolce, Amika, Maya, Tramp, Maddox and Chinawhite.

6. Lordanov Vodka

Most expensive Vodka

Price: $4,353

For those elite drinkers, Lordanov vodka is not a new brand, but this Swarovski crystal studded bottle is definitely a jaw-dropping one. The bottle is festooned with multifaceted Swarovski crystals and contains vodka made from fine wheat and crystal clear Wasser Water from Northern Europe. The bottle is not only embedded with crystals but also has an unbreakable finishing material so that you can keep the bottle as a memorabilia forever.

7. Swarovski-studded Alize Limited Edition

Most expensive Vodka

Price: $2,000

This beautiful bottle was out on the occasion of Valentine’s Day and probably that’s the reason for this bottle being pink in color. This was a limited edition bottle out just for the love occasion. Each studded bottle is filled with Rose Alize, which is a blend of French vodka, cognac, passion fruit, strawberry, lychee and rose.

8. Absolut Crystal

Most expensive Vodka

Price: $1000

Absolut vodka is one of the favorite vodkas and had launched a Absolut Crystal that is expensive obviously because of the bottle. The bottle is intricately designed in a finest cut crystal way and was under a campaign to travel for free around the globe.

9. Grey Goose Vodka Magnum

Most expensive Vodka

Price: $815

A fine drinker would know the value of a Grey Goose Vodka, and for such a vodka lover the French vodka company has teamed up with Chopard, the famous Swiss jeweler and watchmaker on an elite limited edition numbering a total of just 10 bottles of its kind. The bottle consists of a glimmering goose, wings spread, atop a sparkling globe – in a silver cage! The bottle is also available without a silver cage at a lesser value.

10. Belvedere Vodka

Most expensive Vodka

Price: $800

For the fifth consecutive year Belvedere Vodka was served at the Cannes Film Fest in 2011 and has become one of the most liked brands by the drinkers all over. The bottle has been beautifully designed by Italian designer Roc Sine Labe Doli and was done with a stunning bow tie and silver sequins.

11. Absolut Vodka

Most expensive Vodka


Price: NA

This bottle that is specially made for kings and queens is a Absolut vodka company product. What is special in this bottle? Well, this bottle is the heaviest vodka bottle ever made in the world and although the price is not available, it would be filthy expensive one too. Designed by Mats Svensson, the bottle comes in a beautiful and classic wood case.

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