Pistol Lamps

Lamps don’t get much more bad ass than these 9mm pistol style lamps that are available for sale from an etsy seller that specializes in making high quality weapon themed lighting equipment.

These pistol lamps are made out of ceramic and are one hell of a way to add some character to the home or bachelor pad. Your friends will stop in awe and get green with envy every time they walk past one of them and your family will start to wonder if you’ve joined the mafia.

They’re a must have for for anyone with a love of weaponry and are the same exact lamps that Tupac himself used… well maybe not but they’re pretty bad ass regardless.

Each lamp is 4″ x 7″ in size with a lamp share that’s 4″ giving the lamp a total height of around 13″.

Easily one of the coolest gadgets we’ve come across and a real head turner and great talking piece. We’re giving the pistol lamp two thumbs up and officially want one!


How much $175