Kim Paper Mag

Kim Kardashian literally bares it all for the latest cover of Paper magazine. If you thought you’d seen all of Kim’s killer bod before in this September’s issue of British GQ, think again—this right here is Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” cover status.

The star covers the mag’s appropriately titled “Break the Internet” issue and with pictures like this, there’s no doubt Paper’s site is going to crash soon. As a less vulgar option—one to make sure the issue doesn’t get wrapped in plastic and placed next to the nudie mags at Hudson News—Paper dropped a second cover, which features Kim suggestively blasting champagne into a glass… that’s resting on her ass.

Now all we need is for Kanye to tweet, “HEADING HOME NOW.”

Kim Paper Mag1


Kim Paper Mag 3


Kim Paper Mag 4