It’s the new Ronin 47 from Ronin Motor Works, based on the Buell 1125.  Only 47 will be made.  The engine, oversized front rotors and frame that doubles as the fuel tank are unmistakably all Buell. But most of the rest of the bike has been completely re-stylized by Magpul. The Showa forks are gone, replaced by a cast aluminum alloy linkage fork that gives the bike its distinctive, hunched-forward look. The clutch lever housing includes a 4-way switch that controls the displays on the instruments, which have been slotted into a cast aluminum nacelle. The bike starts up via an RFID chip, which activates a receiver under the custom airbox cover. All this comes with a price tag of $38,000 per unit! Check out the promo video and other images below!0

Ronin-47--nbsp-a-cool-limited-edition-motorcycle-7 Ronin-47--nbsp-a-cool-limited-edition-motorcycle-6 Ronin-47--nbsp-a-cool-limited-edition-motorcycle-5 Ronin-47--nbsp-a-cool-limited-edition-motorcycle-4 Ronin-47--nbsp-a-cool-limited-edition-motorcycle-3 Ronin-47--nbsp-a-cool-limited-edition-motorcycle-2 Ronin-47--nbsp-a-cool-limited-edition-motorcycle-1