This is the world’s most unique and expensive bicycle to have been created. House of Solid Gold, a California-based company has designed a mountain bike which is almost entirely covered in gold simply known as “The Gold Bike”.IMG_0309The 24k gold covered bicycle has been priced at a whopping $1,008,060. Besides its gold covering, the bicycle has customized seat which is covered in brown alligator hide. This too is coated in gold and adds a unique touch to the bicycle. It features more than 600 black diamonds and 500 golden sapphires that embellish and encrust The House of Solid Gold logo. Another special feature of this bicycle is that only 13 units will be created and each will be custom-made. Around 750 man-hours will go into making each of these mountain bikes.bike1 (2)bike1 (1)Hugh Power, the CEO and founder of House of Solid Gold pointed out that this idea surfaced in his mind while he was on a biking trip in the mountains. He has ensured that the artists who created each bicycle get their share of credit. For this purpose, the artist’s signature, name and date of creation will be engraved on the bicycle. Perhaps this would be the only moment of glory for the artists who would be creating these unique bicycles for the adventurous lot among the super rich. The major share of profit from these bicycles will go to a charitable cause and the elite could contribute to social development by buying this golden bicycle.