We happen to live in times where carrying just a single mobile device with us is not enough – there are items such as smartphones and tablets being the more popular ones of the lot, while some of us still have a dedicated navigation device, with others still carrying a portable media player to maximize the battery life on their smartphones. With so many devices to carry around, one must also keep track of all your chargers, which can be quite a headache when that happens. Well, what if the Revocharge could help save the day? Touted to be the most powerful mobile smartphone charger, it is capable of helping us “cut the cord”.

The Revocharge works this way – this smartphone case will function by sending a direct pin-to-ring conductive charge to smartphones, which translates to no loss of transfer or power whatsoever. This allows it to let your smartphone enjoy a full charge at full speed, which is different from other wireless chargers that are on the market at the moment.

Not only does the Revocharge look sleek, it is no doubt functional as well, serving as a universal sync and charge mount lock case so that users will always have the power to sync and charge on their terms. Apart from that, it will be accompanied by a desk mount that offers a centralized sync and charge solution for just about any smartphone that currently has the Revocharge case slipped over. All that one needs to do is to snap a battery pack to the back of the case, and you’re good to go with your wireless charging in double quick time.

There will be different accessories that accompany the Revocharge as well, including the likes of car mounts, desk mounts, belt clips and a user-friendly armband. Right now, this case is designed for the iPhones 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4, so we do expect to see it accommodate different handset models down the road.