Iggy Azalea marches to the beat of her own drum, plotting (and achieving) hip-hop domination from the sweltering pit-stop of Mullumbimby, Australia. It seems she inherited her idiosyncratic world view from dad Brendan Kelly. He’s an illustrator and author of amusingly-titled children’s books like The Perfect Poo and The Ugly Dickling but he might have outdone himself with latest effort The Runt Who Said Cunt. This is not a joke.

The actually very funny opus charts the intellectual journey of a cute piglet. In the words of the author: “Pickles was a little runt who saw a word that rhymed with grunt.” From there, our hero sets out to discover what the word means. As an expat Australian, I should point out that the C word is much more liberally used Down Under but I’ve never seen it in a kid’s book.

Watch Iggy’s father narrate his potty-mouthed tale over on Idolator