Lil Wayne’s got a lot of explaining to do.

Residents of New Orleans are upset with Weezy after he abandoned a skate park, which is now at risk of shutting down, in the lower 9th Ward after he promised to help build it.

Having a grand opening in 2012, the park is called “Trukstop Skatepark,” and was assembled in collaboration between the Young Money CEO and his Mountain Dew “DEWeezy” marketing campaign. Glu Agency was also associated with the establishment.

The loss of Weezy’s endorsement with Mountain Dew because of his controversial lyrics on Future’s “Karate Chop (Remix)” complicated his relationship with the PepsiCo company, and he later removed himself from the park’s management and construction initiatives.

“It was my intention, through my relationship with brand partners, to provide the good people of New Orleans with a skate park,” the “Believe Me” rapper said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the deal did not work out, and due to issues beyond my control, I am no longer involved with the skatepark. Helping New Orleans has always been important to me. My team and I are looking into other initiatives for the future.”

Ward “Mack” McClendon, owner of the park, also admitted that the lack of funds was another reason the park is suffering.

“People stopped giving money because they thought Lil Wayne owned the place,” he stated.

McClendon is now trying to raise $160,000 to dodge foreclosure in the near future.