Remember the kid who went to see Kanye perform and was lucky enough to have his Red Octobers signed by ‘Ye himself? Well, according to a write-up in the New York Times, he turned down a $98,000 offer for the kicks.

At the Manhattan event last month, one young vendor turned away $98,000 in cash for his Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” sneakers, designed by Kanye West and signed by the artist himself onstage at the Nassau Coliseum in February.

“I know I could buy a house with this kind of money,” said the vendor, Jonathan Rodriguez, 18, of Deer Park, N.Y., who said he planned to enlist in the Air Force. “But I’m a huge Kanye West fan. I can just work to get the money. The only way I’m selling them is if there is a reason that I need to sell or I’m offered life-changing money.”

The piece in the New York Times was designed to shed some light on the sneaker world and how teens are a major player in the game. Multiple youngsters were questioned regarding what they traded, and sold, in an attempt to develop a surplus of kicks, or abundance of cash.

The one number that stood out though was the 98 G’s IN CASH that Johnathan Rodriguez turned down. Unless it was Floyd Mayweather, it seems highly unreasonable that somebody would be carrying around all that cash. But that is besides the point- The fact is that the dude turned down an enormous amount of coin.

I won’t get into the type of stuff you could do with $98,000, but it’s slightly more exciting than a red pair of sneakers with Kanye’s name on it.

Take the $98,000 and live your life, or sit on a pair of sneakers until a later date? Take your pick.