Cam’ron sure knows how to turn the rap world upside down. His latest head-scratcher comes in the form of an alleged boxing match in the works between himself and Bernard Hopkins. Of course, Killa wants to take to Pay Per View. We’re just wondering of Killa can take the 49-year old boxing legend.


On the song, Cam’ron spits:


“Dame said I’m bout it cuz I wanna fight B-Hop.
I said I’ll fuck him up after 2 months of detox.
True. Besides that, 8 mill from Reebok,
I take him to the bar, Pa, that’s 33 shots…”


However, fans from all over thought Cam was actually referring to B-High, Jay Z’s cousin. Fortuntely, Miss Info was there to clear the rumors last night. She reported the actual facts on MissInfo.TV.

Yes. That’s B-Hop, as in Bernard Hopkins. As in the former World Middleweight Boxing Champion.
Cam’ron tells me he might actually get in the boxing ring and fight Hopkins sometime this year. For pay-per-view. Obviously.
Is Cam intimidated by Philly’s former champ Hopkins? Well, the boxer is still in fighting form but he is 49 years old now and, as Cam puts it, hasn’t knocked anyone out since ’05.
Oh, by the way… “Humphrey” is Bernard Hopkins’ middle name.




via: vibe