The Snowballs underwear is made from organic cotton and cools with freezable gel packs in a wedge shape made of Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sodium. Here’s how Snowball describes it:
They are designed with a central hinge that cleverly molds the SnowWedge™ around your body to reach maximum surface area and maximum cooling. Unlike normal icepacks, they won’t get you wet, and you won’t have to sit there holding ice for hours
$60 gets you two pairs of boxers and 3 snow wedges. Cool, haha.

The-Snowballs-Underwear-cold-pair-of-underwear-will-make-your-sperm-swim-1 The-Snowballs-Underwear-cold-pair-of-underwear-will-make-your-sperm-swim-2