Santana Banga fell upon our ears nearly 4 months ago and we took no hesitation to induct him into the pages of Standard:Fresh, by introducing you to him when he released his explosive single “Better Than Most” back in August of 2013. (listen to music on page 2.)

Artist Summary-

Artist Name: Santana Banga
Birth Name: Xavier Joel Miller
Birth Location: Gainesville, FL

Recently we reached out to the Rapper/Producer to learn a little more about him than his published bio offers. Check out the interview below and prepare to become a bigger fan.


Standard:Fresh (SF): Who is Santana Banga, and why does Rap need you in the game?

Santana Banga (SB): The fact that I produce my own tracks is a rare talent to possess in today’s rap industry. The fact that I came from nothing and made something out of it despite all the hate shows and proves the truth. Santana Banga is the truth.

SF: How did you come up with the name Santana Banga?

SB: I originally came up with the last name Banga cause that’s all I want to make. Carlos Santana was an artist I admired for his diversity in music and what he offered and still offered to classic rock. I look at myself as being that to the Southern hip-hop community. If you don’t believe in your work how you gonna expect the fans, the listeners to believe.

SF: What is (or was) the toughest point for you to surpass in your career thus far?

SB: Learning to accept the fact that I will fail at times. The toughest point for any artist to surpass is dealing with failure. I’ve come across it many times but that’s what makes us stronger. I had to fail first before I knew how to succeed.

SF: In your bio it states “It took time for me to really figure out what I wanted out of the rap game. A voice or an image? I decided to do both.”, What exactly do you mean by “image”?

SB: As a producer for the most part not only are you the sound behind all the music, you’re just simply that image in the background. The artist is always out front of everything. Magazines, Music videos, interviews etc… Just didn’t feel the whole vibe of being just that background niggah. I had to adapt Yurr!

SF: It’s pretty obvious that you’re “Better Than Most”. What are three(3) things that allow you to do as well as you have?

SB: Hard work, the fact that I’ve never gave up on anything I spent time and money on. My consistency and learning to never look at the downside of situations. Always look at the positive and keep it movin’. Somebody else situation can always be worse than yours so just keep in mind through no matter how hard shit gets that you’re doin’ better than most.

SF: What mainstream artist(s) are you listening to these days?

SB: Mainly Kid Ink my niggah Woop and DroidGang that’s about it

SF: Do any of them have an influence on your music?

SB: Yea most defiantly. DroidGang is my fam and we motivate and challenge one another on a daily basis to go harder.

SF: Battle rap has been a platform for more than its share of rappers: How do you feel about that side of hip-hop and do you partake?

SB: I don’t partake in battle rap period. I’m all about that dollar so if you gettin’ money and I’m gettin’ money no need to see who’s better. We [are] both Better than most if we paid so everything else to me is irrelevant and a waste of my time.

SF: In five years from now, Where do you think you’ll be, as far as music goes?

SB: In your favorite top 5 Artist list. That’s my goal and we just getting started. Me and my team building my story right now.

SF: Anything else you would like to say to current and/or newly interested fans reading now?

SB: Just Be great at everything you do and never give up on your dreams, follow your heart and follow the stars. The stars up high always shine why shouldn’t you. Continue to follow my story and my music. New single “Swear2God” ft L-T Terror releasing soon as well as video premiering on WorldStarHipHop yurr! #BangOrDie #WhenImFaded both Mixtapes coming soon.