Here is a glimpse into the future with an array of all-red kicks on display yesterday morning, and it just might be this one pictured above that’s the first of those blazing colorways to hit store shelves. The Air Jordan VI ‘Infrared 23′ is just one of what last year’s Jordan 5s showed us will be a substantial number of Sixes dropping in 2014. It’s a new look using a brand new color in the Infrared 23 shade, but these fit right in with the ‘Toro Bravo’ look that’s been arguably the hottest in the game since last summer. Check out some photos below.

air-jordan-6-toro-infrared-23 air-jordan-6-toro-infrared-23-2 air-jordan-6-toro-infrared-23-3 air-jordan-6-toro-infrared-23-4 air-jordan-6-toro-infrared-23-5 air-jordan-6-toro-infrared-23-6