Frank The Butcher & Rick Williams joined forces as the collective NOVEM and have just announced their Saucony Shadow 5000 NOVEM pack. Each shoe represents their individual brands, BAU & The Distinct Life. The Distinct Life version features navy blue and grey premium suede and leather while the BAU 5000 showcases tan suede and ripstop nylon – both utilizing red to tie it all together. The NOVEM pack will launch Saturday, October 5th at 3pm in-store and midnight (12am EDT on 10/6/13) online. Take a look at the detailed images below and let us know which you’ll be picking up.

NOVEM-x-Saucony-2-500x500 NOVEM-x-Saucony-3-500x500 NOVEM-x-Saucony-4-500x500 NOVEM-x-Saucony-11-500x500 NOVEM-x-Saucony-x-BAU-1-500x500 NOVEM-x-Saucony-x-BAU-2-500x500 NOVEM-x-Saucony-x-BAU-3-500x500 NOVEM-x-Saucony-x-DISTINCT-LIFE-1-500x500 NOVEM-x-Saucony-x-DISTINCT-LIFE-2-500x500 NOVEM-x-Saucony-x-DISTINCT-LIFE-3-500x500