Halloween is at the end of next month, so why not start scaring or creeping the hell out of people now? “3 years ago my husband told me I needed to get a hobby. I think he has some regrets,” writes Mrs. McGettrick on reddit. With eerily human eyes, false human teeth, and a few choice props, created by Canterbury, England. Mrs. McGettrick sells her handcrafted Fugglers on Etsy. Check out some images below and share in our eeriness.

These-Creepy-Plushies-With-Fake-Human-Teeth-1 These-Creepy-Plushies-With-Fake-Human-Teeth-3 These-Creepy-Plushies-With-Fake-Human-Teeth-4 These-Creepy-Plushies-With-Fake-Human-Teeth-5