Drake released not one, but two different album covers for his upcoming studio album, “Nothing Was The Same”. They are both very striking and captivating and were painted by world renowned artist Kadir Nelson.

According to Complex, “In the art world, Nelson’s name is a familiar one; he’s had numerous successful exhibitions and has been commissioned by the United States House of Representatives, the U.S. Postal Service, Michael Jackson,Sports Illustrated, Coca-Cola, and Dreamworks. He’s also written and illustrated a number of best-selling, award-winning books that tell the stories of iconic figures like Nelson Mandela, Joe Louis, and Martin Luther King, Jr.”

NWTS Album Cover baby NWTS Album Cover adult

Read more about Nelson on Complex.
“Nothing Was The Same” will be in stores September 24!!!

How do you like each album cover? What do you think of the way Kadir Nelson depicted Drake in the paintings?