Unless you’ve been dead, this media coverage of Kendrick Lamar‘s verse on Big Sean’s recently released track “Control” (listen here) has been a frenzy. Networking sites has also been set a blaze by Kendrick Lamar’s verse and a few of the responses. Some feel as though boundaries were broken, some feel appalled and some even feel gratitude.

Recently, New York based rapper Drew Boogie took to his facebook fan page to state his opinion on it, which happened to be the moment I, Marcus (for Standard:Fresh), felt a need to also share my thoughts. Below is: A Short Conversation With Drew Boogie

Drew Boogie

facebook: drew boogie | soundcloud: drew boogie | twitter: drew boogie

Drew Boogie (DB): I heard this Kendrick verse everybody is talking about. I’m really not impressed. It’s really dope and I respect what he’s doing but I don’t think it’s enough to crown yourself king of NY.

Standard:Fresh (SF): Hmm That’s largely most of the debates. But I love the press and attention this is getting. I think that Hip-Hop needed SOMEONE to step up and get Hip-Hop debating without strong and personal conflict. That person also needed to be someone worth listening to. I personally can’t think of anyone else who should have done this. I’m impressed.

DB: I completely agree with you and in addition, today, I still listen to GKMC. but to crown yourself king of New York requires something, like, Big L had that punch line rhymes, Biggie Smalls was dapper, a don, Jay Z had finesse, Big Pun had flow. It’s like everything has already been done in NYC… Kendrick doesn’t contribute, but because this generation is so fucking wack, he stands out.

And that’s not to say that he’s wack..because he does have a story to tell and I admire the way he structures his music…but again, it’s just not impressive enough for me to look at it as something that has never been done.

SF: Yeah, definitely isn’t wack, but if we’re only talking about the best new comer in “mainstream”, lyrically & artistically, I think it’s fair to say that he’s wearing the crown. But, I agree with you that, to overlook living greats and relevant legends, namely Jay Z and Nas to proclaim yourself “King” of a region that you don’t even hail from is… well, slightly absurd. However, I’m sensing a condescending tone in your words in his ability to become King of Hip-Hop. Barely anything (if anything at all) is “new” in Hip-Hop. But I think timing is everything, and I would argue that his timing and blunt approach is perfect. I may be extremely premature in saying this, but I think as of right now, he does deserve to be mentioned with veterans he named. And I’m not even a “Stan”, I do respect his style though.

DB: No, absolutely not. I think he has massive potential to become king, however; becoming and to be are two completely different realms. His timing is perfect, I agree but why is his timing perfect? because he’s doing something new or because everybody isn’t good enough? I listen to Kendrick as something refreshing, not something that’s new to hip-hop because it’s not, but it hasn’t been around for so long that it feels like it has never been done. Kendrick isn’t bringing anything new, he’s definitely raising the standard though. kudos

SF: I agree with everything you’ve said.


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