I’ve been to Dubai, countless times, and have recently celebrated my 29th birthday in the ultra luxurious Emirate (or city) of Dubai. Recently, Amsterdam invaded Dubai with its version of class and style. The Supperclub MENA decided it was time to bring the Supperclub chain to Dubai. Opening up a beautiful dining and culture rich establishment was definitely a great idea. It promises to bring more options to Dubai’s already thriving nightlife.

This Supperclub was designed specifically for the Dubai-elite. The Dubai edition of this Dutch brand chain is set to bring world class dining and luxury hobnobbing to an all time high. The Supperclub was designed by the award-winning Concrete Architectural Associated group. It is a very simple but stylish design that includes art as one of the trademark mainstays. There are six different dining and entertainment areas as well as an al fresco terrace. While this started out as a venue for various meetings for musicians, writers, and artists, it quickly involved into something much more. Check out the Supperclub below and see what all the fuss is about.

Superclub 7 Superclub 6 Superclub 4 Superclub 3 Superclub 2