Now this had to be an epic moment for up and coming producer Key Wane. Having not one but two major artists opt to use his beat for their highly anticipated albums must have been quite a life changing juncture.

“I made it the day before I sent it to Drake [and] had played it for a few people, and [they] was vibing with it”, Key Wane told Revolt TV about the beat that he also shopped to Big Sean. Continuing “At that point, I was really trying to think about who I was going to send it to [and] thought, ‘Shit I actually think this n-gga Drake could kill this shit.’ So I sent it to him.”

Big Sean also spoke on the matter telling MTV News “Key Wane had that beat, and it was funny because I wanted to use it for Hall of Fame and [Drake] wanted to use the beat too”. “I had done a verse to [Key’s beat] and didn’t know [Drake] did a song to it,” further explained the G.O.O.D Music rapper who also added that it was Key Wane who pushed him to pass along the feature.

All in all, it appears everything worked out as Drake loved Sean’s touch on the track.”I sent him the verse and [Drake’s] like, ‘You bodied this sh–.’ Then we had the song forever,” Sean said. “He was like, ‘I already did my verse and 2 Chainz did his verse but we’ve gotta get the right chorus,’ and that took a while. But everything happened at the right time.”