If you would like to have a guest verse from 2 Chainz you better write him a check for $100,000. But isn’t that too much? According to Deuce it is not and here is why.

Let me start, man, ’cause I know there’s people out here listening: Look, I’m enjoying life, okay? You would be doing the same thing. Don’t look down upon me,” the emcee said. “[You might ask,] ‘Who’s gonna pay that for a verse?’ Your favorite rapper paid it. Don’t even worry about it. The thing is, when it comes to your video, I’m gonna change clothes twice. They’re never gonna see that outfit again,” he said, mentioning Givenchy and Alexander McQueen as possible designers he would wear. “I’m gonna give you bars. I’m gonna wear fancy glasses and a bunch of chains you’ve never seen. I mean, I could help you.”