These great illustrations by Ali Graham take Jay-Z’s lyrics and turn them into fun and entertaining moments, letting us know that even world famous rappers have problems. Graham also presents some of the Jigga man’s more famous acquaintances, easily recognizable by the artist’s unique and thorough style. Take a good look and see who you can identify and if someone can explain the the “Bad Twerk Ethic” line on the Miley Cyrus image, feel free to fill us in.

Jay-Z-99-Problems-Illustrated-by-Ali-Graham-01-630x472 Jay-Z-99-Problems-Illustrated-by-Ali-Graham-02-630x472 Jay-Z-99-Problems-Illustrated-by-Ali-Graham-04-630x472 Jay-Z-99-Problems-Illustrated-by-Ali-Graham-05-630x472 Jay-Z-99-Problems-Illustrated-by-Ali-Graham-06-630x472