The Sense+ isn’t just a concept though; it’s an actual product and it’s currently up for funding on Indiegogo. The Sense+ features a photoelectric smoke and gas detection sensors that can detect cold smoke that other systems might not be able to detect.
“‘Photo-Electric’ smoke sensors are the latest (and in most cases the best) smoke detectors available. They can detect deadly cold smoke that some traditional smoke alarms have difficulty sensing. By combining the photoelectric sensor with a carbon monoxide (the gas that makes you too sleepy to wake up) sensor you get secondary technology as a backup which may work better depending on the nature of the threat.
If smoke is detected, an alert will sound and the Sense+ App will start up on the iPhone. If there is no response, an alarm will sound and the app on your phone will call numbers listed in your home call group. An alert screen offering emergency services will then be displayed.”