Hola Hovito! Looks like Jay-Z is leaving his iPhone 5 behind and moving over to Samsung.

You remember the Duracell spot that featured Jay-Z charging his phone before getting a call from his wife Beyonce on his iPhone? Well, the NY Post reports that Samsung is about to snatch Blue Ivy’s father up for $20 million.

“The eight-figure deal will be inked in the next few weeks, and is the biggest of its kind. You can speculate that he’ll want to develop some kind of new music-streaming service to promote his acts and music on mobile devices.”

Hov is a money making machine and this could mean big trouble for iPhone, who has been locked in a battle with the Samsung Galaxy for the top spot.

If iPhone loses the phone battle, Apple wouldn’t have to blame society, they might have to blame Jay-Z!

via: Gg