People deal with unfortunate events differently than others. After constantly apologizing and offering explanations for his leg drop on an unsuspecting fan at his May 19th Billboard Music Awards performance, Miguel decided to belt out some freestyle lines about the incident.

In an interview with BBC’s Charlie Sloth the Kaleidoscope Dreams  singer explained his controversial comments on the African American community being unfairly critical and performed an impromptu freestyle with the host. After Sloth sang the lyrics “I’m going to get you baby…with a legdrop from the top rope,” Miguel followed with

All we got is time,

Please do not confine,

You’re all mine.

Leg drop.

While comedy heals all wounds, they do not seem to be helping out his leg drop victim Khyati Shah recover from her injuries. After seemingly forgiving Miguel for his actions during a joint interview between the two following the incident, E! Online reports that Shah is considering filing a lawsuit against the singer due to her experiencing medical “difficulties”.

Shah’s attorney, Vip Bhola says while a lawsuit is not a forgone conclusion they “will determine that after we have feedback from medical providers.”

Check out Miguel’s interview with BBC’s Charlie Sloth, including the freestyle below:

via: ahh