Jay-Z’s “Takeover” is universally known as being one of the greatest diss songs of all time. On the song’s third verse, Jay-Z completely rips Nas to shreds.

One of the standout lines on the track is:

  • “I showed you your first Tec, on tour with Large Professor.
  • Then I heard your album about your Tec on the dresser.”

So what’s the story about that line? Did it really happen?

The god himself, Large Professor, explained it while appearing on TheCombatJackShow the other day.

Speaking on the line, Large Pro, who was part of Main Source at the time, was touring with a young Nas (back in the day), while Jay-Z was rolling with Big Daddy Kane.

The performance didn’t go down, and a large group of people started following the rappers to their bus, where a very young, goonish Jay-Z was lurking in the back.

And this is when it got interesting:

“I remember it vividly, cause they always sat way in the back. So, he had the gym back, and he was like ‘Yo, nah, we ain’t got to worry about that.’ And he just had the gym bag — and I’ll just leave it at that. I don’t know if it was Nas’ but that was my first time seeing a Tec.”

Another interesting thing brought up: Jay-Z remade Large Pro’s all-time classic record “Looking at the Front Door;” unfortunately, that record was never released.

Watch the full interview in the link below.

SOURCE: Complex