Wouldn’t a Tyler, The Creator and Kanye West collaboration sound utterly dope? I guess we’ll never know!

Anyone who’s heard Tyler’s “IFHY” single knows there’s a vocal contribution from Pharrell. But there also could’ve been even more oomph added to the track with Kanye West on board. Unfortunately, the Odd Future captain turned him down.

But how do you turn down Mr. West?

Taking to Formspring, Tyler, The Creator spoke directly to his fans, and addressed a question pertaining to the Kanye West refusal:

“Cause it was mine. He wanted to be on IFHY too! But I was like, nah hahaha. Ye is soo awesome, I talk to him almost everyday it seems like. It’s cool to have someone you can level with about art and everything else,” he said.

Tyler also put the kibosh on rumors that he’d be featured on ‘Ye’s much-anticipated Yeezus for a track entitled, “Hyper Critical.”

Let’s hope that a collab between these two does happen sometime in the future.



via: Gg