Fast & Furious 6 hits theaters today as Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Connor get the gang back together for one last mission. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker do a phenomenal job, but when you’ve been playing the same characters as long as these two, it almost comes natural.

While this movie is filled with non stop action, a great plot, kick ass fight scenes and fast cars, the Fast 6 boys and girls aren’t the only people with luxury cars in the world. We decided to put together a list of our very own Fast and Furious Team of All Stars.

Like our man Scott Disick who has as many cars as he has designer suits, check out some of the above average rides that we would love to race you with.


Rick Ross living life in the fast lane as he smokes a blunt while sitting on his white Ferrari.


No one is faster than our girl Kim Kardashian who’s had more Lamborghinis than she’s had boyfriends.

Now that’s swag.


This gem of a vehicle was given to Rihanna when RocNation gave their pop superstar a new silver Porsche Turbo S.

Speaking of gifts. Karrueche‘s Porsche was given to her by Chris Brown.

It’s good to see these two back together again.


When you step out of the Lambo you gotta make sure you’re clean! Chris does exactly that as he rolls up to the night club.


Here is a quick glance at Bieber’s $1.5M Ferrari. He let his friend drive it andddd he ended up getting a ticket.


Chief Keef got to cruise around MIA in his rarri! Those things go up to 217 mph. We bet Mr. Keef wises they could go 3hunna.

Paris Hilton abides by the law in her ferarri.

Nicki Minaj bought her and her boyfriend Safaree matching Bently Coops for Christmas a few years ago. That’s both fast and generous.

The champion of the luxury car would would probably have to be our boy Scott Disick.

Check him out in his 2013 Rolls Royce.


Photo Credit: Splash/WENN/Twitter/Instagram