Mannie Fresh explains how he and West have different work practices. Fresh adds that his work with Mystikal will “mysteriously come out.”

Mannie Fresh has known Kanye West a long time, even before West became a bona fide producer nearly a decade ago. “He actually came to Cash Money looking for a deal,” Mannie Fresh says in an interview with DJ Vlad. “I’ve been knowing him since then.”

Fresh and West met when West was working with rapper Mikkey Halsted, whom Cash Money eventually signed. At the time, West was without production equipment, so Fresh says he lent the Chicagoan his. “This was my first introduction to him,” says Fresh, who considers West one of the great producers. “The only thing I could say is that it was a blessing because he came back and looked back. Without knowing him, I just felt like he was a good dude and lent him some equipment or whatever to do what he had to do and he never forgot about it.”

Earlier this year, Fresh signed a song deal with West.

Though they are both producers, Fresh says that he and West have different work practices. “I’m better at being in a studio with somebody than sending them beats,” as West often does, Fresh says. “That’s just not really my thing, but everybody’s so used to that, so that’s the standard. I’m more of like, ‘Hey, dude, let me get in the studio and let’s see what we come up with.'”

As for his work with Mystikal, Fresh says that the material the two recorded will not come out on Mystikal’s forthcoming Young Money Records album, but that they will “mysteriously come out.”



via: hhdx