Just when the world began celebrating the idea of anOl’ Dirty Bastard hologram at Rock The Bells, ODB’s widow announced that it’s not happening.

ODB’s wife, Icelene Jones, has served the organizers of Rock The Bells with a cease and desist letter. As the executor of ODB’s estate, Icelene says she was disappointed that Rock The Bells didn’t contact her about the hologram performance.

In a statement, Icelene said:

“I am disappointed that Rock the Bells would not contact me directly about the use of my husband’s image. I am looking forward to talking to Wu-Tang about this matter and coming up with a positive solution in order to bring my husband to the stage once again.”

Despite Icelene’s disappointment, ODB’s mother Cherry Jones expressed excitement about a hologram version of her son.

Hopefully, Icelene and Rock The Bells will work something out, because the world needs an ODB hologram.