So, this morning pics of Drake chilling on the set of “No New Friends” hit the net.

These pics got considerably more attention then the usual Set Swag pics we be doing, because Drake was wearing some I-just-came-home-from-Rikers Dada Supreme clothing f*ck sh*t.

And, like, really, why would anyone knowingly wear this in a music video in 2013? Doesn’t he know we have a black president now?

Here’s one of the pics:

Of course once these photos hit the internet, the jokes were quite rampant and pretty hilarious. (Complex did some funny Twitter sh*t about it.)

Theories started to claim that maybe the video is doing one of those flashback gimmicks that some videos do.

Here’s what makes that funny, even when Dada was in its prime (those two cold, cold weeks in March of 2001) no one was really walking down the street looking like this:

Bless his heart. He’s trying, though.

When really analyzing Drake’s fashion we started to realize: like, yo, this dude is a ’90s ninja for real.

If this were ’94 he would be wearing overalls, jumping around with Onyx in front of some housing project in Queens.

Don’t believe us?

Here’s more proof that when it comes to fashion, Drake is a ‘90s dude at heart.

Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige  “Can’t Knock the Hustle” 

Raekwon, Ghostface Killah & Cappadonna “Ice Cream” 

Will Smith “Miami” 

Cam’ron “My Hood” 

Master P “Ice Cream Man” 

The Notorious B.I.G. “Big Poppa”

The Notorious B.I.G. “Hypnotize”

Capone & Noreaga “Blood Money 3” 

Nas “Street Dreams” 

Mariah Carey feat. Puff Daddy, Mase & The Lox “Honey (Bad Boy Remix)”




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