Gloria Carter, aka Mama Carter, aka Jay-Z‘s mom, gave Us Weekly some rare info about her granddaughter Blue Ivy this weekend while at a Shawn Carter Foundation event at her son’s 40/40 Club in NYC.

Specifically, she shed some light on what Jay is like as a dad, and what his relationship is like with the adorably perfect 16-month-old.

“It warms my heart to see how he interacts with his daughter…And when she says, ‘Papa,’ he just melts. He’s a great dad…The amazing thing about being a grandmother is that you go get the kids, but when you’re tired, you can take them home!” she said with a laugh.

And as for Blue Ivy’s progress as the most amazing toddler on the planet?

“She’s very very smart.”

Well, of course she is… she’s a pinch of Hov, a whole glass of B.

Hov + BIC = 🙂 so here are 17 photos [including the one above] of Jay-Z and BIC being cute together.

Soooo precious!