The Breakfast Club grilled Ruff Ryders’ first lady Eve for round two on the morning show Tuesday (May 14).

The early bird trio show didn’t hesitate to ask E-V-E about rumors of her struggling with her body image, more specifically her derrière, but the raptress quickly dismissed the rumors.”I don’t remember saying that…I love my ass!” Eve explains. “That’s the part I want to keep tight. I want to keep it in place cause you know it can get out of hand sometimes.”

During the Q&A, the “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” MC spoke on her relationship with DMX and watching him appear on Iyanla Vanzant’s reality show remedy Fix My Life. “I couldn’t watch it, I refuse to watch it, I can’t,” she said, expressing that Earl Simmons doesn’t really have demons or a problem.

“I think X knows who he really is. I don’t think he’s lost in any way,” she said. “He’s one of the most clean people I’ve ever met and I think he’s dealing with how he feels. It’s his life and I think he’s an amazing person. Hopefully he does get better but also it’s up to him.”

She also discusses her new album Lip Lock and getting married in the full interview above.



via: vibe