For Waka Flocka Flame it seems, you don’t have to be a fan of a genre to make the music. At the Garden of Dreams Foundation talent show in New York City, the Brick Squad leader recently affirmed that he is not really a fan of hip-hop during an interview.

“Musically, I do hip-hop, but I’m not a hip-hop fan,” he said. “I can’t even tell you where hip-hop started; God-honest truth. But I like music; I want to be an entertainer. I want to tap into house. electric, EDM. I don’t want to be stuck in a refrigerator.”

Instead, the rapper seemed more excited to share his endeavors outside of music. Waka shared that he has set his sights on the big and small screens, after snatching up three movie deals and writing an animated series.

“I wrote my first cartoon. Cartoon Network loves it. It’s serious, Adult Swim, it’s serious Sky’s the limit.”

Waka’s philanthropic efforts were the topic of discussion in the short exchange as well. The rapper shared that his Rah Rah’s Village of Hope organization plans to feed families over the summer. He also spoke about his trouble with another charitable project.

“I’m currently trying to open up a YMCA in my neighborhood–I hope y’all see this. They’re giving me a hard time with it. I tried to put an Olympic-sized pool in there, and they told me I need a two-million-dollar insurance. Some crazy stuff.”

In keeping with his goal to span outside of hip-hop, Waka lastly said that he was working with artist like Diplo and Flosstradamus on his upcoming music. Check out the entire interview here.




via: vibe