Nicki Minaj’s new look is really very refreshing!

After what sometimes seemed like a century of crazy costumes, even crazier wigs, creative makeup, and the voices to match, she has finally toned her look down and it was absolutely perfect timing!

Here’s why:

Like most other fans, I loved the costumes in the beginning. Nick was the Head Barb In Charge and she played her role perfectly. Not only was her look fun and flirty, but she changed how people viewed a toy that has influenced most generations of American women – maybe even all.

She constantly surprised us with something different. Not to mention, Nicki took wigs to an entirely new level and not only that, she pulled them off!

At some point, however, it just became too much.

True fans of Nicki’s lyrics didn’t want to have to get passed the gimmick to enjoy her music and that’s what it became. Her costumes were swallowing her act.

Even she rapped about missing her old self on her song “Dear Old Nicki.” We, too, missed the regular girl from Queens rocking the bamboo earrings, who was just hungry to show off her rap and vocal abilities to the world.

I can’t speak for anyone else but as a young woman who was a fan before Nicki Minaj got famous and who still remained a fan after the fact, even I checked out a little. So, I’m sure others did as well.

The Barbie thing just didn’t make sense for me anymore.

She always had on a costume that looked like it targeted very, very young kids even though her lyrics were very, very mature. Everything was pink – from her Mac lipstick to her most anticipated body of work “Pink Friday.” She had 3-4 different personalities.

I mean, was I the only person finding this a little redundant and difficult to keep up with? Although she was different from everyone else, she wasn’t doing anything very different within her own realm.

I wanted to see her naked, well not actually naked, but I wanted to see who Nicki had grown to be after all these years of fame and battling the industry to get the respect she deserves as the top (and at one point, the only) female rap artist around.

She gave us sneak peeks here and there but now her transformation is complete and hopefully this means, a new chapter has begun.

Most believed she wouldn’t ditch the act, but every girl eventually gets tired of playing dress up with her Barbies!



via: Gg