Three Six Mafia’s DJ Paul has been sentenced in New York City for an arrest made last October. Paul was stopped by NYPD while carrying an open bottle of Corona, and also admitted to carrying a taser.

“I honestly didn’t know it was illegal. I thought it was at the same level as pepper spray,” Paul said. “My bodyguard wasn’t around last night, and I was by myself in NYC and anything can happen in the late hours down there.”

DJ Paul — whose real name is Paul Beauregard — was originally brought up on public drinking and weapon possession charges, to which he pled “not guilty,” according to TMZ. He later opted for a deal with the prosecution that allowed him to plead guilty to a disorderly conduct charge. He was sentenced to 21 hours of community service and a $125 surcharge.

Paul will serve his community service hours at a local soup kitchen in his hometown of Las Vegas. His defense lawyer Seema Iyer referenced Paul’s barbecue sauce line “DJ Paul BBQ,” saying that Paul would be sharing the wealth.

“He has a line of barbecue sauces — I’m not joking,” he said. “They’re all going to be eating a lot of barbecue and garlic butter.”