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Look how happy Snoop is! The Doggfather-turned-Lion Man reportedly ran into his old Death Row Records label chief Suge Knight at the A.V. Club on Monday night. The above photo was snapped and uploaded to Snoop’s Instagram with the caption: “N d club wit Suge miss those death row days!”

The photo sent a ripple through Snoop’s fanbase, with some people torn over their rekindled friendship. (Many still conspire that Knight is accountable for fellow Death Row artist 2Pac’s 1996 passing and that of the Notorious B.I.G. the next year.)

While some fans left positive comments like “Good to see ya’ll put the bullshit in past !!!!,” and noted that “If it [sic] wasn’t no Suge, no Snoop. Good to see them together without tryin to kill each other,” others were plain astonished. “Snoop and suge are alright with each other again? Wow……”one fan commented in disbelief. There were haters too. “F— that snitch,” wrote one commenter.

The Death Row Records gang appeared on the cover of VIBE in 1996, for what is now deemed one of our most famous cover spreads of all time.

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