Mr. Steal Yo’ Girl is swappin’ his designer duds for blood-stained threads as he crosses over to acting in the murder thriller “Texas Chainsaw 3D.”

In an interview with VIBE, Trey Songz reveals that he will be the first to add some color to the cast. “What I love about Texas Chainsaw Massacre is that it’s such a classic film,” he says, “the idea of bringing it back to life like it’s never been done before…because it’s 3D and secondly, it’s always been…redone and this is a continuation of the story. I’m the first black person in the film ever.”

The R&B serenader says he’s playing Ryan, the boyfriend of leading lady Heather Miller (played by Alexandra Deddario), and didn’t feel any pressure to give an Oscar-worthy performance. “The character wasn’t too heavy. A lot of us musicians get the opportunity to step into the film world. You get offered a lot of starring roles off the rip because of your popularity, your value to what demographic you reach, so alotta the times you see musicians take on the bulk of the film and in that case, the success of the film depends on them and the failure as well.”

He notes,” In this film, I’m not number one on the call sheet, I’m number two. It’s fun but it’s a horror film but it’s not expected to be the best acting in the world. It’s about blood and gore and being frightened.”

Watch the full interview above and catch “Texas Chainsaw 3D” in theatres Jan. 4, 2013.