Plies has been seen flexin’ his 1968 Pontiac Grand Prix around the streets, and it’s awesome. This video was recorded in Orlando, Florida, showing Plies creepin’ in his chrome whip. The chrome ain’t no wrap, either. That is real chrome paint with a price tag of $47,000, so you know it adds value to this already valuable whip.

Plies in a 1968 Pontiac Grand Prix that looks just like this one, only it was painted magenta candy with 24-inch rims.  We aren’t 100% if this is the exact same one, or if he went out and bought another one. What do you think? Can anyone shed some light on whether or not this is the same Grand Prix that Plies whipped around back in the September 2007 issue of RIDES? The images might not be working at the moment, but if you can dig up an old issue, take a look at it!

In that article, Plies states, “I didn’t want to put 26s on there because I didn’t want to cut that shit up, ’cause the car was so original.” Wonder what made him change his mind. This chrome version has 26-inch DUB Azzmackas on it…

Tell us what you think of all this!

Check out his Grand Prix along with a bunch of other ill whips in the new Plies music video for “Flickalatin”