Game took to Twitter to denounce Michelle Malkin for calling his cover art blasphemous.

Game is no stranger to controversy and isn’t afraid to hold back when it comes to criticism of his work. Chuck Taylor has lashed out at FOX News correspondent Michelle Malkin after she called the cover art for his Jesus Piece album blasphemous, speaking with DJ Skee about how he wants to boycott the network.

“It’s basically there’s a reporter on FOX News 11 named Michelle Malkin who voiced hate for the album cover and racist remarks because of what is our art form, what is something as simple as just art in the album cover,” he explained. “We artists, and everything we do is artistic from the music to fashion to covers.”

He went on to say that he’s calling for a boycott of the network and that he will relentlessly see to it that it gets “shut down.” “She has no place to make racial remarks or call the album blasphemous. This is the same lady who said President Obama is not American. I don’t know the rationale, it doesn’t make sense at all,” he continued. “I was a big supporter of FOX News. I grew up on The Simpsons. they come on FOX 11, and now I’m going to do everything I can to shut them down because we can’t allow that, especially going into a new year.”

Malkin was met with threats and expletives on her Twitter account, to which she responded, “Note that @thegame and his fans use his salary to justify bad behavior. He makes more than me, so it’s ok to call me a [insert expletive].



via: hhdx