Waka Flocka musters up all his vocabulary to address the public’s burning questions: How do you respond to YouTube hater comments? What the heck is a “Rooster In My Rari?”

In “The People vs.” series with Noisey, the Georgia-bred rapper says a female comparison to a male chicken inspired his infamous club banger. “I was on my way home from the club In my neighborhood, we call old sex roosters because roosters move they necks like this (does head bobbing motion). A girl can be a rooster if you’re an adult,” he says. “So that night I was ridin’ in my ‘rari and I had a rooster in the car with me and I was gettin’ rooster in the ‘rari.”

Simple enough. He goes on to liken himself to Tupac, saying he’s “20 times worse” while addressing the e-negativity throughout. Peep the insightful interview below.


via: vibe