Police have arrested two men for allegedly plotting a murder-for-hire, with the target none other than pop sensation Justin Bieber.

New Mexico natives Mark Staak and his nephew Tanner Ruane were arrested late last month in Vermont, and police claim they were planning on killing four people at the behest of a prison inmate named Dana Martin. Martin was incarcerated for a 2000 murder, and was going to hire Staak and Ruane to kill two of the witnesses to his crime. Then, Martin wanted the two men to kill Bieber – apparently, Martin is obsessed with the singer and has a tattoo of Bieber on his leg.

The murder was supposed to occur in conjunction with Bieber’s concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Martin wanted the men to kill Bieber by strangling him with a paisley tie, which is apparently Martin’s calling card. But the prisoner had second thoughts, and ratted out the two men to officers instead.

But it gets more grisly – Martin wanted to the two men to castrate Bieber, and allegedly offered $2,500 a piece for his testicles. Staak was arrested in Vermont on an outstanding warrant, and his nephew was later picked up in New York with pruning shears on his person – apparently in order to carry out the castration. Yikes.