Real gangstas move in silence.

Earlier today, Rick Ross dispelled the rumors surrounding the cancellation of his “Maybach Music” Tour due to death threats from the street gang Gangster Disciples.

The North Carolina chapter of the street gang filmed a viral video warning the Trilla rapper to stay out of the state. Apparently, the gang members felt disrespected by the Maybach Music General citing his “BMF (Blowing Money Fast)” song as being disrespectful, as well as Ricky Rozay’s use of the Star Of David for his Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape.

The Star Of David is typically associated with the religion of Judaism, but the street gang also uses the symbol on its paraphernalia.

It all seems to be one big misunderstanding, because Rick Ross has lots of love for gangsters.

Where do we start?

Well, Rick Ross borrowed his stage name from drug trafficker Freeway Rick Ross. The alias has gotten Rick Ross in trouble by the REAL Rick Ross, who took the rapper to court for profiting off of his “likeness.”

Rick Ross’ admiration for gangsters doesn’t stop there. From titling his fourth studio album Teflon Don after John Gotti’s most notorious nickname, to shouting out Gangster Disciples leader Larry Hoover and Black Mafia Family’s leader Big Meech in his song “BMF (Blowing Money Fast),” Rick Ross loves gang life.

GlobalGrind decided to round up other rappers who have either named themselves after a notorious gangster, are associated with a gang, or just admire the mafia lifestyle.

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