Marijuana became officially legal in Washington state on Thursday, the first state in America to allow recreational use of weed by adults. Fans of the law celebrated the best way they could – toking up in front of Seattle’s famed Space Needle, with loud reggae music and ounces of sticky icky.

Of course, that part was still illegal. Pot is only permissible in Washington in private homes, and smoking in public places can result in a $100 fine. That’s still better than jail time, and similar to drinking in public in most places.

Colorado will join Washington next month in legalizing recreational marijuana use, and both states will soon allow weed to be sold in special stores, similar to liquor stores. Driving under the influence will remain illegal, and in the eyes of the Federal government, all possession, sale, and growing of weed is still a crime. That presents a unique problem for Washingtonians, who must continue to duck the feds while local cops smile and continue on their way.

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