‘U had your turn old man,’ French tweets in response to 50’s latest accusations about firing up 2009’s ‘A Psychic Told Me’ beef.


French Montana isn’t going to just let 50 Cent’s taunts go unanswered. On Friday (November 30) Fif made some pretty damaging accusations against the “Pop That” MC, saying that French aided the G-Unit head in his feud with DJ Khaled. And while Montana didn’t address that issue directly, he sent some pretty clear shots Fif’s way this afternoon.

In response, Montana issued 50 a good old fashioned sales challenge. They both have albums coming next year. “@50cent if u really about Dat life lets drop our album da same day and see who sell more u had your turn old man,” he wrote.

It didn’t stop there. “#Dunkeykong should send @Eminem & @adamlevine flowers for TRYINN to save his career come catch this fade monkey,” he said in reference to 50’s new single, “My Life.”

The battle-tested 50 didn’t pass up the opportunity to throw more shots at the Bad Boy recording artist. “LMAO @Frenchmontana gonna find out what we already know. Puffy gonna run like a b!tch you on ya own boy,” he wroteon Twitter.

The two have been bickering since October after Montana commented on Fif’s penchant for beef in a Complex.com interview, but during the past week the drama has ramped up. In a recent interview, Montana called 50 a “donkey” and then named himself as the most important artist at Interscope Records, dismissing Fif’s role on Jimmy Iovine’s all-star roster.

None of this sat well with 50, who Friday morning claimed that it was Montana who supplied him with the footage of DJ Khaled’s mother that the G-Unit juggernaut used in his 2009 viral video dis “A Psychic Told Me.” “Frenchie, they got me the tape,” Fif said he appeared on Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood in Los Angeles again this morning. “They got me the tape of his mother’s house, where his moms work at, the other cribs, the studios, stuff like that.”

During the interview 50 went on to criticize French for relying on big-time collaborations, most notably “Pop That” with Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.

Who do you think would win a sales battle: 50 Cent or French Montana? Let us know in the comments!