WGCI’s UB Rodriguez interviewed 50 Cent yesterday. Topics included 50’s new fitness book Formula 50, SMS Promotions, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Chief Keef.

UB Rodriguez: Let’s talk about you and Floyd Mayweather. I know that’s your boy. Now you have this boxing promoting company. Was he the influence behind this?

50 Cent: Yeah, initially it was a venture we were going to do together. Floyd changed his mind and wanted to do some different things. Before he decided that he wanted to do things differently I had already obtained my promotions license in New York, Connecticut, Miami, Atlantic City and now Nevada. So I had went pretty far into the actual category before he decided he wanted to do something different.


UB: Hey Fifty what about the rumors of this promoter trying to pay you and Mayweather to get in the ring?

50: I heard about that too. I’ll take it in a heartbeat. I’ll make the weight. For $5 million dollars I will impress you. He’d be like ‘hold up I didn’t even know you had that in you Fif.’


UB: I don’t see it happening 50.

50: You know Floyd ain’t gonna do that. He won’t even fight Manny [Pacquiao].


UB: So we’ve seen you go back and forth with Chief Keef on Twitter. I want to ask you personally. How do you feel about him?

50: In the beginning I took a huge liking to Chief Keef. I think he’s a representation of what hip hop was when I fell in love with it. Someone out of the environment just offering what means something to him. Like when he’s saying things he don’t like. Everybody in Chicago in that neighborhood or those different areas would agree with those thing he said he don’t like because they don’t like them either. That’s why the song connected. I started to talk to him because I wanted to help him because I saw things starting to spiral out of control and he could lose an opportunity that’s priceless.


UB: Like what did you see and what do you think about his future?

50: I don’t think he’ll have the same success in sales, but it will be something that develops a cult like following. Because he decided to not show up to his actual video. And when he does that in the stages where you haven’t sold any records yet. It’s bad influences. It’s people around him that aren’t influencing him to do the right thing. It’s really not him.



UB: So what exactly do you tell Chief Keef when you call him or sit down and talk to him 50?

50: I just tell him to make the adjustments. I tried to reach out to him. He’s a little upset because I said something on Twitter. I said he didn’t show up to his video, he don’t know these people will pull the plug on him and they will. I don’t want to make him upset or nothing because he’s a baby. My son does the same thing to me.



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