Know what’s great about Rihanna‘s songs? Most of them make headlines before we ever even hear them. Rih-Rih knows how to shake things up and cause controversy simply by attaching her songs to guest appearances, single artwork, and even song titles that make people do double-takes the first time they see them. And, over the course of her career, she’s made news time and time again, not for the songs that she sings but for the way that she presents those songs to the world.

The latest example of this is her new song, “Nobody’s Business,” off her new album, Unapologetic. It features Chris Brown and, before it was even released, people were already huffing and puffing about it. Some hated that she chose to work with Chris Breezy on another song this year (the two teamed up for the “Birthday Cake” remix in the spring). Others took offense to the title they chose for the song. And, once it actually leaked? Wowwwwwww. Twitter went ham.

As we said, though, Rihanna’s not new to this. In the past, she’s stirred up a lot of controversy with her songs. So, in light of what just happened with “Nobody’s Business,” we decided to take a look back at The 10 Biggest Controversies Surrounding Rihanna Songs. This girl clearly knows how to get people talking. Take a look for yourself.