Pusha T and Lil Wayne had everyone at attention earlier this year when the two rappers were going at each other on “Exodus 23:1” and “Ghoulish.”

After hearing the heat Pusha T was bringing on “Exodus 23:1,” Lil Wayne took to his Twitter and stated, “f*ck Pusha T and anybody that love em.”

The history of tension between Pusha and Wayne goes back as far as Pusha’s Clipse days, but according to the G.O.O.D Music rapper, none of his exchanges with the Young Money general are personal.

During a recent interview, Pusha spoke about his “beef” or lack thereof with Lil Wayne and Drake, stating:

“Yeah, yeah. It was [a shot at Lil Wayne]…It’s always in response, man. You know? I put out a record. He puts out a record. Like I said, it’s not about diss records to me. It’s about making good music. I feel like anything I’ve put out thus far in regards to anything that has to do with me having an issue or so on and so forth, has been an immaculate record…It’s not a personal beef. I don’t personally know any of them. These guys have made great music in their day. These guys have fans, tons of fans, so I can’t really let anybody with that many fans and that type of visibility and that type of history, I can’t just let them make statements against me and be quiet about it. That can be viewed as a victory.”

So to sum it up, the beef isn’t personal, but Pusha likes to diss Wayne and Drake from time to time.

Pusha’s forthcoming album is due out in 2013.