Nicki Minaj‘s boyfriend Scaff Beezy wears the pants in their relationship, and what he says goes.

And that’s what some club owners found out when they didn’t let Scaff’s friends into Nicki’s The Re-Up album release party this week.

The NY Daily News reports that Nicki’s boyfriend/hype man wouldn’t let her attend her own album release party because his friends got snubbed.

“She was in her car on the way,” says an insider, “but never made it there.”

Reports are claiming that Nicki’s man showed up with 19-30 dudes, and when he didn’t get his way, that’s when he played his trump card.

“They waited outside for a few minutes before demanding to be let in,” says the first source. A second spy confirms that Samuels insisted, “Let them all in or she’s [Minaj] not going to come!”

The spies go on to say that Scaff was visibly upset, left, and Nicki never made it to her own gig. No one man should have all that power!

This isn’t the first time a man has pulled Nicki Minaj out of a gig. Earlier this year, Lil Wayne pulled her out of Hot 97’s Summer Jam after some questionable comments about her artistry thanks to Hot 97.

We don’t picture Nicki giving into a man’s whims, so we’re curious just how true these rumors really are…