Currently in the Bahamas, diehard stoner and rapper Wiz Khalifa doesn’t have kind words for the bud found in the Caribbean country.

The grass situation out here still isn’t at its best. Someone needs to step up to da plate

The weed aficionado is in the Bahamas to play the Bud Light Port Paradise Musical Festival. Others on the bill include Pitbull and Flo Rida. While the “Roll Up” rapper tried to remain cordial, he was blunt (no, pun intended) about the sticky icky situation. Quoting a local’s description of the weed, Wiz tweeted that “Everything brown here mon,” and went on to call it “shit weed.”

And theres bad weed everywhere. Iss not like im rootin for y’all to have shit weed. I want the best for everyone

People weren’t too happy with Wiz dissing their weed, but before they could lash out Khalifa admitted that he had “smoked 3 good joints tho.”

Good thing Jamaica is only 500 miles away from the Bahamas… across Cuba. Looks like Khalifa will have to stick this one out.